Alicia Prone Stander

The Alicia Prone Stander is designed to be easy to use and not take up a lot of space while Alicia in Prone providing comfortable and safe upright positioning for young children. The child is always at the lowest possible position while the stander is adjusted up or down to fit their height. The choice of adjustments and supports provide the child with the appropriate amount of help they need to experience weight bearing in a standing position. The stander adjusts from 90° to 60° forward tilt and has a height and angle adjustable tray.

Basic Stander Includes:

- Two pair of lateral supports for the trunk and hips
- Padded chest board
- Two 2 inch velcro straps
- Contoured knee supports
- Shoe holders
- Tray
- Locking casters

Specifications — Prone Stander

(APS1) (APS2) (APS3)
Footrest to top of chest board *(see Measurements below) 22” to 29” 27” to 37” 36” to 45”
Width between laterals 6½” to 9” 7½” to 10½” 8½” to 12”
Tray size 22” X 22” 22” X 23” 22” X 25”
Base-width times length (fully extended) 24” X 32” 25” X 34” 30” X 45”

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Child's Measurements Standing (in inches):
Standing Measurements

Knee height (floor to mid knee)

Hip height (floor to top of hip)

Elbow height (floor to bent elbow)

*Axilla height (floor to armpit)

Shoulder height (floor to top of shoulder)

Overall height (floor to top of head)

Hip width (widest location)

Trunk width (widest location)

*Key Measurement — Should correspond to the specification for footrest to top of chest board

Select Size:

APS1–Small for children approx. 29" to 38" tall

APS2–Large for children approx. 36" to 50" tall

APS3–Extra Large for children approx. 47" to 61" tall

Three sizes of Alicia Prone Standers
Choose Your Accessories
Select the needed accessories and options from the following list
  Description Part #
Image of Posterior Pelvic Support Gate Posterior Pelvic Support Gate (PPSG)

Height and depth adjustable hinged gate provides firm posterior support and makes transfers easier for caregivers. Three sizes correspond to the three sizes of stander (PPSG1, PPSG2, PPSG3)

Image of Inset Activity Box (ACTBX) Inset Activity Box (ACTBX)

Plastic tub inset into the tray can be used for a variety of play therapy activities. Includes clear plastic overlay.

  Description Part #
Image of Back Support Extension BKSE1
Back support extension (BKSE1)

Flat pad that attaches to the posterior pelvic gate. Provides support to shoulders to prevent arching back

Image of Back and Head Support Extension (BKSE2)
Back and Head Support Extension (BKSE2)

Flat pads for both shoulders and head. Provides even greater support to block trunk and head extension


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